The minimalist app that makes it easy and simple to manage all your milestones, deadlines and due dates just on your iPhone.

Beautiful & elegant user interface

TimeSpan has a beautiful styling to the last pixel. Everything has been designed with incredible attention to detail.

Intuitive & clean workflow

The workflow is completely self-explanatory. There are no unnecessary paths and everything behaves as expected.

Sync your icloud calendars automatically

All events are synced and shown automatically from an activated calendar. Simply use the calendar application to edit events or create new one.

Remaining days badge

If you want, the remaining time of one event will be displayed as badge on the app icon. So you always keep a very important date in sight, directly on your Springboard.

Repeating Timespans

There are enough events that occur again and again, which should be managed in TimeSpan too. So that no more birthday or wedding anniversary is forgotten.

Notifications & Alarms

The program can remind you of every event. Even if TimeSpan is not being started. You can choose between various options when configurung the reminder, or even set a second alarm.

Color it like your life

To increase clarity, now one of eight possible colors can be selected for every timespan. And the calendar color will be automatically adopted, if it's a synchronized calendar event.


Everything is ready designed for fast operation. Nothing will impede you. Creating and editing a TimeSpan is done in no time. We also improved extremely the performance, because you will get a lot of elements by syncing your calendars!


Use the same application on your iPad without additional cost. And enjoy all the advantages of a native iPad App. Plus the entire app is also usable in landscape mode. So you can always use TimeSpan in your current most comfortable position.